General objective


The PPG Program in Literary Theory of UNIANDRADE aims to inform, form and qualify professionals in the area of Letters and other similar areas, teachers and researchers, having, as its main emphasis, the elaboration of researches and the production of knowledge related to theory and literary studies, observing the articulation between lines of research, research projects, (as well as the intellectual production coming from these projects) and the subjects offered by the program.


Operationalize theoretical and methodological instruments able to enrich and widen the academic knowledge of the Program’s professors and students.

Enhance the students’ capacities of theoretical and critical reflection, providing subsidies to the professionals in Letters and in similar fields, in order to prepare them adequately to work as professors in higher education.

Stimulate the consolidation of the projects associated to the lines of research of the Master’s course.

Provide the updated theoretical tools necessary for the critical reading of texts of Brazilian literature and texts of foreign language literature, especially related to the four research lines of the course - Contemporary Poetics, Politics of Subjectivity, Literature and Intertextuality and Creative Writing.

Focalize aspects as the intermingling of languages that generate new aesthetical possibilities.

Enable the theoretically supported debate in the different critical trends of literary criticism.

Approach aspects related to the modern and post-modern poetics.

Develop, through the Social Insertion Program, courses that improve reading abilities and critical appreciation for the interested people.

Develop, through the Teacher’s Updating Program, the abilities of reading and the use of critical approaches for Letters teachers who work in basic school, high school and higher education.