The Graduate School in Literary Theory at UNIANDRADE offers a 50% of discount on the total value of the Program’s tuition for the students who prove to have a link with the partner institutions and who pay their tuitions on time. The Program is currently associated to the following institutions:

  • Colégio Militar de Curitiba
  • Universidade Federal do Paraná
  • Secretaria de Educação do Estado do Paraná


Além disso, há vantagens também para o ex-aluno Uniandrade (30%) e para os alunos que pagam a mensalidade até o dia 10 de cada mês (50%).



An important step for UNIANDRADE is the partnership with other universities and this is done on a daily basis through participation in qualifying and defense stands, seminars, offers of disciplines in partnership as already listed, lectures and other academic meetings. However, it is also important that these partnerships offer more extensive courses. With these partnerships, the objective is to develop activities of connection to society, extramural of the institution, namely dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

In this scenario, UNIANDRADE is negotiating with representatives of universities in Angola to offer vacancies in our program for Angolan students. The Graduate School made progress in the internationalization action with Angola by inviting the Angolan writer Isabel Vicente Ferreira, present at the II International Meeting in 2018, to be our representative in Angola, as the previous representative requested removal due to relocation to another country. She accepted the invitation and established, upon returning to her home country, several contacts with universities. We maintain Prof. Otto Winck as our representative and interlocutor at UNIANDRADE. The Graduate School program proposal was modified, aiming at the opening of five vacancies for Angolan students, graduated in Letters or in another course in the Humanities area interested in the Program.

CAPES was in favor of the agreement. UNIANDRADE and the University in Angola are waiting, due to the high dollar and the precarious financial and political situation of that country, which is the right moment to start the program.