Former Students

The students of the Master’s Degree Program in Letters/Literary Theory of the Centro Universitário Campos de Andrade (UNIANDRADE) come from graduation courses in Letters and similar areas, and they seek intellectual and cultural development. They are aware of the importance of continuous improvement, showing enthusiasm with the opportunity of contact with the richness of Brazilian and foreign literary production and with the analytical ways provided by literary theory for the reading and more experienced appreciation of the text. This is a common feature in a heterogeneous universe in relation to the places the students come from – Curitiba, other cities in Paraná and other states. The great majority of the students work as teachers in classrooms, but there is a considerable number of students coming from other cultural fields: journalists, actors, theater and movie directors and cultural assistants from diverse governmental organs.

The exercise of written and oral critical discourse provided by the course, directed to the reception of the literary text and to the production of scientific papers like reviews, articles for publication in specialized journals, newspapers and magazines, opens up possibilities in the job market. The specific mastery of theoretical tools and practices for the reading and critical analysis of literary and non-literary works, as well as the possibility of moving through multiple languages, verbal, non-verbal and mixed ones, and through different genres and modalities, stimulates criticism and creativity. It is possible to observe, in the former students, the taste for research and the direction to activities related not only to literary studies, but also to the arts and interdisciplinary cultural studies.

Former students, your contact is very important for the course. By evaluating your professional improvement, it is also possible to evaluate the Program’s evolution, as well as promote partnerships for projects and future events. That’s why you have to be sure of updating your follow-up formulary.

Access our site annually and fill in the former student’s follow-up formulary.

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